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SAP ERP Project Management

  SAP's ASAP 8 Methodology provides a new delivery approach that: 
  • Ensures the most predictable and fastest time to business value
  • Deliver the integration the business demands to start and grow without compromises
  • Chooses from a modular ready to use portfolio of solution, deployment and pricing options
  • Innovates faster than competitors and leverage the full potential of the game changers


The success of your SAP solution is to a large degree determined by the speed and the effectiveness of the software implementation to add value to your organization. That is why SAP has introduced the Simplified Rapid-deployment Solution Experience. It combines the ability to explore SAP solution capabilities, select the appropriate pre-assembled RDS as a starting point for your project, and implement the solution in your business with the help of structured implementation approach - ASAP 8 Methodology for Simplified Rapid-deployment Solution and integrated operation supported by SAP Solution Manager.
Benefits of ASAP 8 Methodology include
  • Reduced total cost of implementation by embedding the principles of SAP Advanced Delivery Management into a prescriptive, streamlined and modular implementation road map for ASAP
  • Content-rich implementation accelerators, templates, and guides for implementation projects from strategy to operations
  • Transparent value delivery through consistent reflection of the business case
  • Efficient project governance, quality management, and guidance for implementation projects and Business Process Management
  • Approach that combines user centric design, business processes and IT architecture
  • Coverage of the entire project lifecycle – from evaluation through delivery to post project solution management and operations
  • Consistent content from Value Maps, Solutions, configuration to business process monitoring
  • Latest version of Solution Explorer and Solution Configurator to explore SAP solution capabilities, select appropriate solutions and determine best pre-assembled RDS for your project
  • Proven and scalable implementation methodology guiding your team through the agile implementation project and ensuring seamless setup of solution operations
  • Seamlessly integrated with SAP Solution Manager in both implementation and solution operations
  • Simplify implementation further -- EVERY implementation starts with best practice content based on pre-assembled RDS
Our consultants are experienced in SAP's tools and methodologies, and can help you deliver your SAP ERP Projects today.
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