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ERP Implementation Project Recoveries

According to analyst firm PwC, approximately 84 percent of all AX projects fail to meet their stated objectives, despite the industry’s focus on delivering better customer service and advanced IT systems.  The top 3 reasons were:
  • Poor Project Management
  • Poor or Missing Project Methodology
  • Insufficient Business Ownership and Alignment
Seldom is technology the issue.  Whatever the reason your project is off track, our complex analysis can identify where things went wrong, and provide options to get back on track.
Our Recoveries include:

Detailed Current State Analysis, Recommendations, and Next Steps

This is a comprehensive review and quantitative analysis of the Project's Governance and Execution. 
The purpose of this activity is to analyze the project performance against measurable targets and industry standards, and provide findings and suggestions.

The deliverable of this activity is a Detailed Analysis Report, with recommendations and next steps.

Our experienced consultants are available to help get your project back on track today
AX Assessment and Recoveries Datasheet
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